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Hi this is what went down in class.

Firstly the differnce between the empirical and critical conditions was explained.

Empirical: scientific method to determine the effects of media use, what media is used, etc.

Critical is a more philosophical big picture approach, more theory than data is discussed.

Post structuralism was then outlined. This theory is concerned with how power operates in the world. Argues that we do not have access to a true reality rather we understand things from frameworks that we are taught from a very young age. Power therefore is in these frameworks for instance the meaning a word symbolises. All people are formed through one of these cultural frameworks. We do not have to be forced to act this way it becomes how we wish to act.

We then went through the Miller and Rose reading paragraph by paragraph summary. The first six were:

1 Sets up the traditional view of power as being possessed by a “monsterous” state, which post structuralism intends to criticise.

2Governmemt defines some as citizens and they have a type of regulated autonomy.

3Concept of governmentally were raised that wished to get beyond the concept of the government as a tangible entity.

4Described government as a “matrix” where authorities express their strategies, etc. to govern the conduct of others.

5Explains that th government wishes to produce certain types of citizens that behave in certain ways.

6Explains that the government has various technologies to achieve things such as monitoring the population for instance the census.

We hope these help.

Dani, Diana and Tim.



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